What participants say about Christine’s classes:

“Christine’s ATM® classes has had a positive impact on my flexibility and the way I move.  The movements she incorporates in her lessons are simple but amazingly effective.”  Donna Inouye, Yorba Linda, CA

“I think taking your ATM® classes is great especially for us seniors, as it’s not a cardio workout, but yet it helps me with my balance, stretches the muscles and I feel more agile.  Thanks! ”   Sharon S., Placentia, CA

“The ATM® classes have given me techniques to realign and relax my body, making movements easier whether standing in line or doing housework. The movements are subtle and can be done anywhere. ”  S. A., Chino Hills, CA


“Christine’s Feldenkrais® Classes help keep my body moving!  The movements cause my muscles to work together to make everyday movement more effortless.”  Miriam Safir, Surprise, AZ


“Christine leads us into an awareness state of how our bodies coordinate movement and how we can help release holding and tension. I feel more relaxed and aware of my body after class. I enjoy how coordinated I feel, every muscle participating in a movement, even as simple as turning from side to side in a standing position. Also, I am more able to correct my chronic bad posture as the class helps me to be aware of my body movements and where and how I can make corrections.:  Nancy Joyce, West Haven, CT


“I am much more aware of my body and definitely Feldenkrais® helps me control my habits. I have less back pain, free my shoulders and hips. I love your classes, thank you for everything.”  E. K., Norwalk, CT


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