Think about this….

I have heard many complaints recently, from clients and others, of increased neck and shoulder discomfort the past year and a half because of working at home on not so ergonomic friendly tables and counters, maybe a desk, watching too much TV, or looking down at their phones all day!

I teach lessons that involve coordinating  your body movement to decrease the stress on your neck and shoulders, allowing them to move freely with less pain and discomfort.  You also get the side effect of better posture!   It’s kind of funny, a lot of people say they have bad posture, but they don’t do anything to help improve their posture.  So is it really that important to them?  Or is it their mothers talking in their head?  If a young adult in their 20’s begins to have habits of not standing or sitting in a balanced position, which is usually fairly upright,  these people in their 40-50’s, will not be able to totally stand up straight because their bones will have already started forming to a forward, downlooking head and rounded shoulders posture.  They may even have a little hump starting on their upper back.  This can lead to needless pain and discomfort.  My goal is to help prevent this from happening!  If you would like to find out more about this, contact me!

Is Posture Really Important? Or was that just a mother’s nagging?
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